Sick Duckling?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Alexandra33, Mar 6, 2017.

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    Hi, everyone! I got a beautiful little Black East Indie duckling on Thursday, and everything had been going smoothly until tonight. I noticed while cleaning the brooder that this particularly zippy baby is unusually lethargic. It attempted to walk a few times, but those tiny legs seem weak. Something doesn't seem right about the way it moves its neck, either, but I can't place what's going on. [​IMG] I'm currently giving Nutri-drench until we can grab some niacin if that's what it needs.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Definitely looks like a sick baby. Nutridrench is great. Niacin will help. Is she eating or drinking? You may have to mix some food and water in a bowl (a very watery paste) and feed her with a syringe.

    @Miss Lydia
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    I would get the little to a vet a.s.a.p.

    Is she passing anything? Pooping? Do her feet and bill feel any warmer than other ducklings? What is the brooder temperature? Do they have water 24/7? Wondering if she could be overheating, or have an infection.

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  4. Is your brooder too warm?........Have you provided any grit?....Ducklings will eat a bit of the shavings......Give her a bowl of sugar water to drink.....wet the feed to a soupy consistency .....

    Poor Baby.....:(

    Best of luck......

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    @Alexandra33 How is your duckling this morning?
  6. Alexandra33

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    Thanks SO much to everybody for your kindness and help, it is truly appreciated more than you know. [​IMG] But sadly, my sweet little one passed away before I got a chance to put any advice into action. [​IMG] I don't think their brooder is too warm.....the other two ducklings and 9 chickies seem perfectly fine, healthy, and content. We have a 250w bulb in, but it's adjusted pretty high.

    @chickens really , I've never given grit before a week of age, however, do you think I should? If it would be beneficial for the rest of the quacklings, I will certainly do so! [​IMG]


  7. Yes.....Sprinkle it on their feed every couple of days or so.....Like adding pepper to our meals....Just a little bit.....Tsp...about.....:)..;)

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  8. Oops......also.....sorry the baby passed away.......:(
  9. Alexandra33

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    [​IMG] To a person that loves pepper, that makes sense! [​IMG] Alright, will do! [​IMG]

    Thank you. [​IMG] I appreciate it.

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    I'm so sorry Amari! [​IMG][​IMG]

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