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Sep 24, 2019
Hey y’all! New here and looking for some advice. I’ve rescued two Pekin Ducklings and have had them for 3 weeks now. They are incredible and full of life and energy. I’ve been feeding them everything I can think of that will help them grow and is not toxic or unhealthy for ducklings. Their go to is hard boiled eggs, fruit, greens, seeds, manna pro duck starter/ grower and dry dog food that’s been soaked in water (fromm dog food the expensive kind) they are pretty much crack heads for proteins We have recently got caught out in some rain at my grandmas house and I did my best to warm them up and dry them off with my body heat and a dry towel since we got locked out and were waiting for my grandpa to get home and let us in (we hid under the gazebo). I was fine and it was 80F out but I know I needed to keep the babies warm so I bundled them up in a towel from the garage and kept them close. Now a few days later it seems as though one is breathing funny. She is still eating, drinking and playing/running around as normal, she just has a slight whistle to her breathing when she is about to go to sleep but once she’s asleep it stops. I’m wondering if it could be a cold? She has a warm heat lamp to sleep under as she pleases but sleeps near it, not under it, with her feet out so I don’t believe she’s too cold or too warm. They’re also located in my room right next to my bed for extra watch and care. I also use puppy pads in their make shift brooder box for easy change when it gets too dirty or wet in there so they have quick access to dry and clean bedding. I do not live anywhere near a vet that takes in ducklings and they were a very last second find and rescue. I’ve read as much as I could and I want to give these guys the best life I can all while being a first time duckling/ duck owner. They also get nightly “baths” in shallow enough water for them to not drown (even though they are supervised by me the whole time) but deep enough to dunk their whole heads under and play around no longer than 15 minutes and in very warm water. Thank you in advance for the advice! Please be kind I’m doing the best I can with no experience.


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