sick flock, congested, sneezing and matted eyes.

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    Oct 24, 2011
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    Almost all of my chickens are sick with this to one degree or another. They are congested, sneezing, head shaking, matted eyes, watery eyes, crusty beaks and open mouth breathing. This started last week and i have lost 7 of them so far. I started with duramycin 10 in the water last monday and that didn't seem to help much since several of them were too sick to eat and drink. I stopped that and started tylan 50 (I am confused about the dosage recomendation some say 1/2cc some say1cc) and bactrim 1/2 tab for standards and 1/4 tab for bantams. Some show improvement and some not so much. When should I expect to see improvement after starting this drug? Some of the chickens don't show any signs at all, should I be treating them too?
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    Wow, I'm sorry! I have had this experience, and the Duramycin cleared it up. Your chickies should respond soon, however, you will need to treat everyone, not just the obviously sick ones. Trust me, if several are sick, they have all been exposed and are in different stages of illness. Consider your flock like a kindergarden class. If one has a cold, they will all get a cold, but at different times. I always treat everyone.
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    Quote:Welcome to BYC. You're probably dealing with some type of respiratory disease. If you smell a foul odor enaminating from the head/nostril area, it's most likely coryza. If not, it's most likely mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG.) Here's a link to respiratory diseases. Scoll down to Infectious Coryza and Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG) and read about their causes, transmission and treatments. You can read through the other types of diseases as well if you wish:

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