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May 8, 2008
my daughter has been sick since the beginning of school on Sept 5ish. First it was the sniffles. Then sniffles and cough. Now it is fever, no sniffles, a hacking cough, headache and says it hurts to be touched.
She doesnt get sick like this often. I would say this is the second time in her entire 6 years of life. But when she gets sick she gets SICK.

When she first got the cold I sent her to school to have her sent home half way through the day. Kept her home the next day and got a call from the school wondering where she was. Sent her the next day to have her sent home again. Since then she has refused to see the nurse and be sent home. She LOVES school:)
But my neighbor has told me that ALL the kids are sick and that the nurse has been sending kids home after a half hour of class because they have been burning up and hacking so hard they threw up. Now mine has "that"

I know that this happens. I did daycare and had parents send kids with fevers and such, only drugged up out of their minds. Meds wear off, fever spikes, call the parents. But in this day and age I have to admit that I am really very ticked about this type of behavior from parents. And that it is totally condoned by the school. Yup, in the school handbook it says "Send them unless they have lice or pink eye"
The trots, vomiting, fever? Nope. Send them. Drug them up and send them.

With all the parents that don't vaccinate their kids these days. And with the fact that the school is on a college campus with potentially ill college age kids wandering the halls. I am very upset by this attitude.

Dont they care what they could be having otherwise healthy children exposed to? Or those kids that may not be healthy in the first place? A simple upper respiratory infection could land a child in the er, or worse,, intensive care. It happened three times last year. Two children died. BTW to keep parents from "panicking" the ages and schools of the children sick and in the hospital werent released to other parents. To me that is nothing but irresponsible. Two of the state college students had meningitis. One died. Same campus my daughters shcool is on. And although there are signs on the doors telling the college kids to to use the doors at the other end of the building... I have seen them walking right into the elementary school doors and taking a shortcut.

I understand the need to "privacy" The need of parents to work. The need for the children to be educated. The "religious" rights of parents etc. But at what costs?

My daughter is running a fever so high that she is shaking. She is weak and has had nothing but ice water since Sat morning.
I thought about taking her to the er, but they would have had us sit there for hours with her burning up in my lap crying. (I know this from experience. Last time she was this sick she was a less than a year old and had a fever of 104.5 WITH meds!*which btw she got from a daycare kid that was sent drugged up to hide the fact she had a temp.* We were there for two hours before she threw up all over the place and had a seizure. Then they took her "right in" before the middle aged woman with a sprained wrist. This is also the er that told me that "I couldnt be having a heart attack because I am a 37 year old white woman" )
So now I am waiting for her pedi to open at 9 so I can get her lungs listened to to make sure she doesnt have bronchitis or pneumonia or something else.

For the record. I am NOT one of those helicopter parents. Nor am I paranoid about my daughters health and safety. I am just tired of the laze a fair(sp) attitude of school officials and some parents.
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May 11, 2008
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While it as been over thirty years since I have been in your position, I share your outrage. Even when my sons were small it seemed that to many parents would send sick kids to school. They don't seem to understand their responsibilities as parents or as members of society. Let someone else deal with it seems to be the prevailing attitude. I hope your daughter gets well soon.


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Jan 23, 2008
do you only have one hospital in your area? We have the larger hospital (where my sons dr is affiliated) and we have a smaller town hospital a few miles closer, when I dont want to wait I go the the smaller hosp. but when its serious I go to the larger. They both do triage and take in the more serious sooner. Your daughter definitely need to see a dr and soon. I know what you mean about kids in school, Ive never been as sick in my life as I have been since my son started school. But the worst we was, serious gastroenteritis hospitalized for 3 days at age 3, Im convinced he got from a grocery cart. He was around no one but family and no one was sick. More now then then, they have the wipes for the carts but I still carry hand sanitizer.


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May 8, 2008
Quote:the only other hospital is a half hour drive. They closed the ER right up the street from us and "consolidated" it with the hospital the next town over.:eek:
I dont use hand sanitizer, only on her when she is petting the chickens. I dont mind her being exposed to the common cold. It's just the flu etc that I dont understand why the hell parents dont keep the kids home. I mean no kid wants to be at daycare or school when they are feverish and have a headache and body aches. Well.. mine did.
But ya know what. I am the mom and she is home. If I were working my dh would be home with her. It's called being a decent parents and a responsible and considerate adult.

My grandfathers memorial is this week. I am going without my dh and kid because she is sick and I am not exposing other people, some of whom will be elderly. To her. Even if her fever has broken and she is better. She is going to be home. Not being dragged around. I have errands to run. But am not taking her out. So they will wait til tonight or tomorrow. I am being responsible and considerate


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Apr 22, 2008
It's not that the school doesn't care about their health, it's that they care about getting money more. If kids stay home when they are sick, the school doesn't get as much money.


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Feb 15, 2007
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Most school's don't have policies like that. My particular school has a 24 hour fever and vomiting free rule. Do all parents follow it, of course not. I too hate people sending kids to school sick, but I also worked with adults who would come to work with raging fevers, coughing and hacking, infecting us all. School fund is also not dependent on if kids or sick or not.

I'm sorry about your little one. Get her into the doctor.


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May 8, 2008
I called her pedi and got through finally. Got to the doctors at 945.
I had to carry her to the car, put her in and then carry her into the doctors office and into the exam room. She is THAT weak.

When i took her temp this morning before I gave her the meds she had a temp of 102. By the time the nurse took her temp she had one of 103.5 and was listless. She just lay down on the bench in the exam room. So she went and got her some Mortrin to try and bring it down.

Doc came in and I propped her up some. She has a double ear infection. Lungs are clear. Heart sounds ok.. still that murmur

She then threw up. All over herself and the bench she was on. Got the waste basket to her a bit late.
Took her temp again before we left. 102

So, she is now on a 3 day, once a day course of Zithromax (per my suggestion)
Is passed out on the couch with a hot water bottle under her head. And is still weak as I ever care to see her again.

I called her school to tell them she is out sick and will be out until she is feeling better. Meaning the kid isnt going back there til this fever breaks, she isnt drenched in sweat and isnt hurting. She is complaining now that her shoulder hurts. The doctor asked her if her neck hurt(meningitis) when we were there. She said no. But honestly, the kid has nothing to compare it to.

So I am sitting here with her. She wont let me touch her. But she isnt fighting me on not going to school anymore.

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