SICK HEN, out of vet money, please help!


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Jun 17, 2015
We have a 1 1/2 year old Rhode Island Red, was a good layer, occasional free ranger. About 10 days ago, I noticed she was sticking by herself & laying on the coop floor a lot , even though she's higher on the pecking order. She had a little poo in her feathers, below her vent & when I looked I noticed it looked like she was constantly contracting. I thought she was egg bound, even though I couldn't feel one, I gave her a bath & some tums. She took a seemingly normal large poo & her condition didn't improve.
I spent 7 HOURS at the emergency room vet/college, ISU. They X-ray ed & said she wasn't egg bound, said it was probably parasites, gave us a sulfa med, flushed her & gave her fluids.....$300. Oy
She hasn't improved. She is the only hen acting like this. She looks normal, she just sits alone a lot, eating/ drinking very little & her vent looks like its moving all the time.
ANY IDEAS PLEASE? Thanks for your time!
I'm not sure what is going on. Hopefully this will bump the thread and someone with more experience will reply.
A few questions. Is the vent red, have a discharge, do you see any mites/lice? Has she been laying in the coop for the whole 10 days or do you see her come out, dust bathe, leave a large poo, eat and drink a bit and the go back in. Have you wormed her? What are the sulfa meds for? Has she plucked out any breast feathers and does she act "hostile" when you approach her or is she just a limp lump on the floor? Any other symptoms such as nasal discharge, panting, sneezing, coughing?
I'm new to chickens, learning a lot from this site, I have no idea what your Hen's problem maybe but I just wanted to say I hope she gets better soon. That Vet bill seems outrageous for what was done with no improvement, I'd call them back & tell them they didn't help any except collect your monies :( Ok, that may not be nice but....

I hope she gets better soon, at 1 1/2yrs she should be "slowing down" with her egg laying, been hearing Hen's peak out at 2yrs. It's worrisome when they get 'sick', I hope someone from BYC can help you soon. Keep us posted as to her condition.
Thanks for your reply. She has been able to come out to dust bathe, but refuses. She is non agressive. No cold-like symptoms, no plucked feathers. Her vent did look red & contracting, looks less irritated now.I didn't see any mites or anything. I had put preparation H on it. Are you thinking she may be broody? I just don't understand why she won't get in one of the laying boxes. She's the same age as other 4 hens & they're acting fine. The silkie one is the only one that's ever been broody.
Basically the only thing I can see is-keeping to self on corner area on floor of coop, drinking/eating very little, vent contracts-doesn't look as irritated.
I think they said coccidiosis was their guess, a parasite & to wait until done will sulfa meds to worm her. Worm her with what I don't know.
Do you have a place where you can isolate her? Maybe separate her and put her in a warm quiet place like a dog kennel. You really need to encourage her to drink, chickens dehydrate easily. You may want to pm @casportpony to see if she has any ideas as to her condition. They way she is sitting, is her legs under her like she is nesting or are they sort of splayed out? Photos of her may help, also what are you feeding her.
Hi, thanks for your reply. I might isolate her like you said, & give her some probiotic/electrolytes I got last night. She's just sitting with her legs normal. Last night she roosted on the top roost though! Thanks for your help & information!

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