Sick Hen - Sounds Like She Has a Cold

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    This little hen we bought during the summer with her four chicks has come down with something. She sounds like she has a cold, although I'm sure that's not what it is. I'd describe it as a respiratory infection, she is wheezing and sneezes every now and then. I brought her inside because of the cold. She also has heavily deformed feet. Not sure if that may be a factor, but they are rock hard and have lumps all over them, and she can't bend all her toes (not even I can, but I don't try too hard because I don't want to break them). When we bought her we were told she is about a year or two years old. Not sure on breed, all her chicks look different.

    I'm not sure how to treat a respiratory infection in chickens. I'd also like to know what to give her, food wise, to help her out. Right now all we have been feeding is Purina Layena and Oyster Shell, and let them free roam throughout the day. No one is laying (4 Roosters and 6 Hens) but I thought it was because of the cold snap we are experiencing going into winter.
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    Can you post a picture of the feet and legs? Is there any swelling in the leg joints? Does she have any raw spots on her breast bone? With symptoms of a respiratory disease, she could possibly have mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG,) or mycoplasma synoviae (MS.) MS can affect the joints, causing lameness, and sitting on hocks. Without testing, many respiratory diseases can look alike, but most of them will make carriers of the flock. Tylan, oxytetracycline, and Gallimycin are all commonly used to treat respiratory diseases. Here is a link to read about the common diseases and symptoms, and more links to call for testing or to talk with your state vet's office:

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