Sick rooster, Nardole the Brave.

Dona Worry

Jul 5, 2018
My dear white polish crested rooster, 18 months old, has become very ill very fast. He was crowing and behaving normally yesterday, today he is lethargic, weak, and not interested in much. He is walking on his hocks, but mostly just lying in the corner.

What I have done: looked him over for anything obvious, and found lice. Treated him with the same topical ivermecton I used this winter.
Syringe fed him nutri drench and water.
Offered him several yummy goodies. He did eat a few mealworms.
Isolated him.
His crop is pretty empty feeling, no bad smells, no abnormal poops.

Any ideas as to what this could be?
Has he walked on his hocks before? Are his toes curled under? Was he vaccinated for Mareks? Have you added any new birds recently? I would continue to try and get him drinking fluids, give him some B complex or a vitamin with riboflavin in it (NutriDrench does not.)
Update: yesterday seemed a bit touch and go. Had to syringe water and vitamins into him. Today he seemed a lot better! Still weak and wobbly, but able to get around better, and even went outside and crowed.
His hens have all stopped laying in protest I think. Not a single egg yesterday or today! I think if he continues to improve I'll put him in with his ladies again
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