Sick Runner?


Jan 21, 2021
My beloved chocolate runner is acting out of sorts. She's 1 1/2 years old, She is mopey mostly but has stopped laying, not interested in treats, hangs out at the drinking waterer and is drinking more than I would say normal. I haven't seen her eat other than a few salad greens and hangs out by herself. I filled the pool for the girls to swim in, the other 5 seemly healthy ducks all enjoyed it but she had no interested other than to grab a drink. She is walking ok, no discharge from her nose, eyes or vent, poops are runny but she's only drinking so that makes sense. There were a couple of days I could have done better with fresh water- its been below freezing temps and the water froze or was not fresh. I've added molasses to the water today and will replace with fresh water tonight. I also have 4 hens that look to have vent gleet that all live together- any helpful suggestions or I am on the right track....keeping up with fresh water?

Isaac 0

Jul 19, 2016
Do you have a video of the duck?

Egg binding is a common problem with ducks that often presents itself with onset lethargy, hiding away from the flock, as well as increased water intake. Whether that be the problem or not, I would try to get some calcium citrate or some tums inside her. If she continues acting poorly, it may be best to bring her inside or set a pen up for her inside the coop where feed and water are near.

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