Sick turkey please help


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Jun 21, 2020
I have 4 Six month old royal palms. Two hens and two Toms. 3 of them have gotten sick. One has not (biggest Tom) the girls have had a very slight sneeze here and there and occasionally cough. The Tom does this a little too. They’ve been sick for about three weeks now. Started with the slight sneezes and noses getting dirty dried gunk in them. One hen and the sick Tom both have swollen faces. The other hen has pox looking things on her face, one is super swollen. They eat, drink and act totally fine. We have used duramycin and now we’re using amoxicillin. We have also drained the sinus in the Tom as his was so swollen it was causing irritation to his eye. The liquid that came out was almost a clear slimy-ish mucous. We’ve raised them since they were only 3 days old. We didn’t hatch them we bought from a lady that raises royal palm. We aren’t sure if we should keep trying to treat or just cull them. We wanted to keep them as they are pets. We love them and they follow us everywhere. I can not afford a vet tho so do I need to cull? I can post pictures tomorrow. They are not having any drainage coming from their nostrils or mouth. Even the dried gunk isn’t an issue now. The hen with the pox looking things did have a little bit of a drippy nose for about a day. But that was before we started the antibiotics. Please help me figure this out! None of my chickens they were raised with and stay with have been affected.

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