Sickly Ameracauna???

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    Sep 12, 2012
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    I have this black ameracauna hen and she was normal in the beginning but then she laid this weird normal/whole egg with a leathery sack attached to the bottom half of it and started acting... well, different yaknow? She would be fine one day then be weird the next, then a few months later (without laying any eggs in between) she laid a jumbo egg (it turns out there was a normal egg inside of the jumbo outer shell, weird right?) and she started to act weird and sick? so then a few more months with no eggs and then she was fine for about a week, laid about 6 eggs, and then pooped out a half yolk half poop thing and then went back to being weird and not laying eggs. Now she has started stooping low and lowering her wings and scratching the ground if we get close and then chase our feet and peck at our shoes!! SHHHAAARRROOONNNNNN IM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!! So, I dont know if shes gone crazy or is sick or is molting or is broody or a combination of them all? BUT SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP MY POOR SPARTACUS!!!!!!!! i dont want her to die!! I have new pullets a year younger than her and now they chase HER around. poor poor chicken :(

    This is the one with the egg inside and egg, really wish i could find the photo of the soft sack attached to the normal egg its so weird!!!!!!


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] shes gone mad!!! [​IMG]

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