Sign of a new layer preparing to lay?


10 Years
Feb 24, 2010
SW Florida
Got home from church yesterday and found 2 little nests had been burrowed out in the pine shavings(not in the next box of course, but under it) I have 2 Frizzle cochin(maybe) bantams that I was told hatched in June. I've had them for a couple weeks now this is the first sign of laying I've found. How much longer do I need to wait? It's killing me. lol! All my other girls are so little I won't be getting eggs until like Sept. from them.
Not long after my girls started making nests they started laying. I got mine in June, July, & August, and my girl born in June started laying this december. BUT then I believe all my girls went through a molt, and I hadn't received another egg till recently. So here's to hoping!!
Another sign is, and I'm not sure if a bantam breed does this too, but my little pullets started doing this little "squat" and footstomp for me when I would pet them. And then about a week or two later, we had our firsrt egg! I think it's a sign of maturity.
Yep, they're squatting for the rooster to mount them. It's usually about 2 weeks after they start squatting that you start getting eggs.
Bright red combs, the "egg squat", panting, vents pulsing, your hen "looking" for places to lay; If it seems as if she's searching for somewhere that she gives her seal of approval to, sometimes it ends up being the most interesting place completely away from the nesting boxes!

Good luck!
The first egg is always so exciting.
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