Silkie BATH TIME! = Angry Silkie (PICS)


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Apr 28, 2010
Corona/Mira Loma CA
so i have a white silkie....
i dunno how everyone else on BYC keeps their white silkies so white.... because mine was starting to become yellow.. eww..
she was due for a silkie bath soon BUT when i got her she had just gotten pecked at by other hens so she had a wound on her head and due to the wound all the area was dirty. but i didn't want to wash her cause of the wound. but now the wound was healed and the feathers growing back. it hadn't finished so her head isn't as fluffy but at least its half way grown back.
plus i had a incident with my coop flooding and she had gotten muddy recently.
and so today was a really hot day here in eastward california so i thought perfect day for a bath. i took a rubbermaid and filled it with water and left it out in the most sunny part of the yard for couple hours.
when i came back.. voila nice warm water...
she was actually quite calm although she didn't look very happy....

oh yea i used my maltese's whitening puppy shampoo...hahaha..
here she is right after i was done soaping her..

she's looking at the tub like i have to go in that again?!

here's her being rinsed
looking angry


and here's her all washed and right before i dried her...


and then how she looks now...nice and fluffy like silkies are supposed to look. there were some stains that wouldn't come off from when she had gotten pecked and blood and stuff dried on it. but at least she looks a lot cleaner.


awww so cute isn't she? i love her so very much... i wish she would lay eggs though but even without she's still my lil pet..

eh maybe she'll start laying someday..haha.
for the ending some nice silkie butts...hahaa... nice when the butts are clean with no poo


hope you had fun with my silkie's bath..
which reminds me i still haven't decided on a name but i'm thinking Pearl...
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Fluffy Chick 15

9 Years
Mar 19, 2010
that is too funny! Washing a chicken!? I've never heard of such a thing! Is that something I should consider? Awesome pics! she is so cute and so angry all at the same time!

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