Silkie chick not thriving

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8 Years
Feb 23, 2014
Bedford NH
Any and all advice is appreciated. This is my first experience with chicks.

They are 4 days old and all are doing great except for the Silkie. She was fine yesterday, but today seems very sleepy, staying under the ecoglo most of the time. I gave her a watery mixture of electrolyte solution, chick starter and oatmeal all mashed up with a medicine dropper and she drank about 1/2 tsp. the other chicks have all grown substantially and she seems about the same size as when she arrived. It also seems that she's starting to get picked on a bit. See hadn't had a poopy butt until tonight when I came home from work.

Am I losing her? What else can I do?
Give her the electrolyte solution full strength with a dropper (be careful not to choke her.) What you have been doing so far sounds good, but you will need to attend to her tonight and tomorrow if she can be saved. It was good to mix the feed with the liquid, but fluids are most important today. Many weak chicks will die in the first week, and bantams are more prone to this. Make sure she is warm enough--90 degrees, and check daily for pasty butt and clean it off with warm soapy water. Wishing good thoughts about your silkie.
She is still hanging on... I have been giving her the sav-a-chick electrolyte water with a dropper and I've been able to get about 1/4 tsp into her every few hours. She's sleeping a lot with her head down in the shavings. I also tried giving her some watered down plain Greek yogurt with the dropper and she took some of that too. I haven't seen her poop today. She's plenty warm.

Anyone have an experience like this and have the chick pull through? Just trying to prepare myself for the worst. She's my favorite :-(

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