Silkie Cockerels


8 Years
Jul 3, 2011
Three free 16 week old Silkie cockerels. Willing to ship if you send me the box and pay for shipping costs. All boys have correct number of toes although placement may not be the best. The partridge is a big boy with good foot feathering.

NOT AI Tested - Will not ship to AK or VA

1. Grey cockerel
2. Champagne/Cream cockerel, pretty sure from Paint breeding
3. Dark blue partridge cockerel, father was from CJ's Silkies
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I LOVE the champane boy! Shame he wouldn't work for what I am looking to do! LOL! (I have a paint and two black pullets I am looking for a black rooster to cross with). Does the black roo have five toes? Any red or silver leakage? How is his toe spacing? I am sorry to sound so picky for a free rooster, but I am looking for something pretty specific. Since he wouldn't be shipping far, I am totally on board to have him shipped.

Any chance you have any pullets for sale as well? I do like to introduce them in pairs. Any color girl is fine.
He is starting to fill out nicely! The black, so far, has no leakage. He has the correct number of toes BUT spacing and size could be better. I have sold all of my extra pullets locally, sorry! FYI I don't have any boxes so you would have to buy & send me one.

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