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Ok I need a lesson in silkie colors
. I have a really nice Splash hen. I want to get splash babies is the only way Splash on splash. Or can you breed her with another color and get say some of different colors. If you breed partrige to Partrige will you only get partrige? Wondering if you breed different colors what you get thanks. I need a lesson lol!
Blue Black & Splash can be bred together. Im new at breeding the B/B/S. Ive been told not to do splash X splash for more than a generation or two or the offspring could be too diluted.
Blue X Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Black, 25% Splash
Blue X Splash = 50% Blue, 50% Splash
Blue X Black = 50% Blue, 50% Black
Splash X Splash = 100% Splash
Splash X Black = 100% Blue
Black X Black = 100% Black​
First, the genetics for plumage colours in silkies is no different than in any other breed of chicken. However, patterns do not look quite the same on feathers due to the nature of silkie feathering.

Partridge to partridge should always yield partridge; however, if a male is golden (has one silver gene and one gold gene), he will have both grey and partridge daughters, and sons may be golden as well.

Breeding blue to splash will give you about half and half blue and splash. Breeding black to splash willl give you all blues. Breeding blues to blacks will give you half and half blues and blacks. Breeding blues to blues will give you half blues and about a quarter each of blacks and splash.

You can breed blue to partridge and in a generation or two get nice blue partridge. First generation is likely to be incompletely penciled. Note that blue partridge is not a recognised variety.

What varieties do you have?
Partridge x buff is definitely not a good cross. You will get birds that are too yellow for good partridge colouring, with incomplete penciling, and smutty looking buffs. You would do better breeding hte partridge to a white or a black or a blue or even a splash. As for the buffs, you would do better breeding them to black, blue or splash rather than partridge. Not that I am advocating any of those breeding pairings unless you are working on a very specific project, just that the liklihood of miscolourings is lower. Best to breed buff to buff and partridge to partridge.
I have a partridge flock 2 boys 4 girls but i only have 2 girl buffs do you know anywhere where I can get a good Buff rooster?
I really only have my splash girl and some bittys that JUST hatched and a few more about to hatch. I have had quite then not kept them because they werent good quality. My hen went broody but on others eggs and the only roo with her is a dark brama bantam (oops lol) I am just letting her do her thing till I figue mine out lol. I want to learn before I do lol!
Well, figure out what you want before you get him, lol. I would opt for the best type, then go for black, blue or splash. And get that poor brahma a wife, too

I love the Splash's so that is why I am trying to find her a good hubby
. The Brahma has an awesome wife They are just in an open relationship he has two other girlfriends. One (a showgirl) that he beats from time to time, one that takes care of the kids ( the silkie) and one that rules thier little roost (the Dark Brahma) lol they are the only Bantams for now. Also were used for the kids 4-H so in a seperate coop while hubby builds more coops.. HA HA my poor hubby.
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