silkie eggs available!!


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Jul 18, 2007
Northwestern, pa
a few of the girls r laying pretty regular now most of my birds r not laying yet but hopefully soon to offer more and a bigger variety. i have 1 set to ship on saturday after that i'm caught up on orders.

i can do orders for 6+ eggs as listed below for $30 each set of 6+ eggs which includes s/h and tracking via paypal. eggs will be collected and shipped in order payment is recieved. paypal payments can be sent to [email protected]. eggs shipped will be no more than 3 days old and ship immediately. to see pics of my birds click on the link in my siggy.

6+ exhibition bearded white silkie eggs, most of my breeders carry white recesive gene.

6+ from my SQ bearded partridge double pen-silkies w/one roo being a non-bearded showgirl(sg babies r possible but no promises as he hasn't been in there long).
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