Silkie Experts....Is she Show Quality (I have let her mature more)

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Jun 17, 2009
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I really need to give her a bath, she is dirty, but it's too wet and cold right now. I have let her mature more and her wings are tighter now. The brownish color on her is dirt, she does not have any discoloration.

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She is a light splash color, so didn't know if that would hurt her chances. I do have a dark splash pullet and she is nice, but not near as nice as this little girl.
Hi Cammy

Well, you know I think she is lovely!
Instead of being "light Splash" I am wondering if she could be split Lavender. Didn't you say that she is or may be from George M.? My Splash pullet is from a gentleman who has some of George's birds, and both of them have Splash birds that are split to Lav. That is what my own pullet is too.
I believe it makes them more valuable as a breeding bird, but may take a bit off their show status.
Of course, there can't be any more variation in the Splash pattern as there is in Blue, and it seams that the shade of Blue that wins depends on the judge
Yes, we are sure she is out of a George M. hen and the Splash Roo that I had is her father. She is very stocky built. She could very well have a Lavender Gene. I am going to breed her to my Lavender Roo when he matures.

Did you see my Lavender Cockerel and Pullet? I listed them around 4:30 or so. Have a look and see what you think.
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