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Silkie Hatching Eggs - I have buff, partridge and all-black available now

Discussion in 'Chicken Hatching Eggs' started by Silkie horsechick, May 22, 2012.

  1. I have eggs ready to ship today from BUFF, PARTRIDGE and ALL-BLACK pens.
    I have some really nice chicks from all pens. Lots of vaulted and all are bearded. Toes good and chicks are energetic and strong. Everything I have set has developed.

    I have 6 partridge hens and 2 partridge roos, all from Sassy Silkie, Catdance, and Mary Robbins, and Batcave.

    In the Buff pen are Sundown, CJ, Catdance, and Indigo Egg parent stock.

    The all-black pen is amazing with Aimee Crego, Dylan Silkies, Catdance, Glenn See, and Three Cedars.

    No DQs and great looking personable birds.

    Just email me at [email protected] on what you would like to make sure still available. Price is per dozen and does not include shipping.

    Guess I will add the usual disclaimer - Can't guarantee what mailing does to eggs, but I have continued reports of good fertility and hatch rates.

    I'm very excited about all 3 pens and know you will be happy. Thanks for your consideration.

    My paypal is [email protected]

    I'd love to hear how the hatch goes, so keep in touch.
    Geri, AKA Obsessively Silkie, AKA Silkie horsechick
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