Silkie hens stopped laying! Can't figure out why!


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I have 17 silkies hens. They are all separated by color, (splash, paint, white, black, and buff) I was getting eggs out of every pen about every other day to every couple days. For the last 6 weeks I have got one egg out of the black pen and one out of the white pen. They eat a layena/cracked corn mixture and always have plenty of water. No birds have any sign of being ill and all eat and drink fine. What could be causing this? Any replies would be helpful! Thanks!
How old are they, in months?
If over 14 months they are probably slowing production for molting and winter break.


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Aug 18, 2019
Question is, do silkies who have stopped laying due to broodiness start up again?
yes, my Silkies usually take 2 weeks after breaking a broody to start laying again. If I have let a broody raise chicks it is about 12 weeks of no eggs but sometimes longer. It probably varies depending on the hen though. Some of my Silkies lay eggs daily even while broody in the broody breaker cage.

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