Silkie, possible neurological issue. To cull?


Dec 20, 2017
Western North Carolina
This is an especially rough one to ask about for me.
Silkie hen, age unknown. Sold to me as a "9 month old" when I was younger and dumber 2 years ago. Suspect she is at least 5 now, if not older.
Last Wednesday her rooster pecked her pretty good/bad at the back of the head, not sure why as we were not home (MIL reporting). Came home to find dried blood and a scared bird.
Moved her into a hospital coop overnight, cleaned her head, performed basic neuro tests as she was favoring one side. No decrease in sensation, pupils equal and reactive to light, eyes react to movement. Feet grip, wings can be held up. Let her sleep in peace that night.

Put her back in with her flock the next day. No other signs of aggression toward her (1 rooster, 2 other hens, she is BOSS B*TCH).

Fast forward to Saturday, she appears to be sleeping in the food bowl in the afternoon. Wake her up, she can't lift her head well; has it tucked into her chest and seems to just be shaking it like telling me "no". Did witness eating, drinking, and elimination Saturday and Sunday, but not today (Monday), as I was out of the house.
Tonight she had her head firmly tucked to her chest and her chest was wet. Could have been water or drool. Protests when put in her coop were minimal.
Her rooster had a seizure due to a peck to the back of his head about 4 months ago, and he is her son.

1. Neurologic in origin? Traumatic in origin? No idea?
2. Without knowing exactly what it is, do we have a chance at rehabilitation?
3. Should I cull?
4. If yes, what is the most humane way to do so?
5. Should I send her for a necropsy?
Any and all help is appreciated. She is a great little lady, and I do not want to make her unduly suffer.

Note: if she makes the night, I will get video of her tomorrow.


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