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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ibpboo, Jan 11, 2008.

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    Jul 9, 2007
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    Five days ago a friend brought over a silkie that needed rescuing. She was muddy and drenched from the storm, and had started to get attacked by a dog. Her wound was small and healed quickly and there is no longer bllod coming from her feather quill. I have been keeping her in a box in the house. She is very docile. The first day she laid an egg but hasn't since. I am concerned where she came from, is she missing friends? She does not jump out of the box even if I remove the lid, is this normal for silkies. I'm not sure if I should try and introduce her to my chickens outside as one can be very aggressive and the silkie is so small. How hardy are silkies? Does anyone have suggestions? I think I will name her Cotton.
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    My silkies are more spunky than yours sound. They hold their own with the regular size flock... actually chasing the partride rock rooster around the yard! I would think she would need friends, tho. Do you take her out and visit with her? You can have her as a house chicken [​IMG] until spring when it would be easier to introduce her to your flock. Put her in a dog crate or something similar in with the flock and let them get use to least for a couple of weeks. Let her out, with supervision and see how the rest of your chickens react. They'll chase her a time or two, but make sure they don't hurt her. Silkies have an opening in their skull and if pecked too hard, can get brain damage. good luck.....they do make cute house pets. had one as a child! Good Luck
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    Jul 9, 2007
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    Thank you for replying. I do take her out and hold her, I let hr sit on coffee table too. Yesterday she did jump off it. I'm wondering if she is still recovering and that is why she mainly just sits? How cold of temperature can she be in? I didn't know about the head thing, glad you told me, the EE I have likes to peck at heads. I've been putting her outside a little in a fenced area for short periods of time. I also have a hutch my DH built so I can keep her in that, but at how cold of night time temps if she's alone?
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    I have had birds take over a month to fully recover from surviing a dog attack (not physically but get back to laying and acting the same).

    I would just give it time, this would be a perfect time to bond with the bird, if you want it to act more like a pet.
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    After an attack, I bet she is still in shock and recovery. My silkie girls run round like no tomorrow. [​IMG]

    Do make sure she can see though as their head poofs can get in the way. As for being with standards, I can see a little silkie girl having issues with the big ones if she can't see, otherwise she will learn to keep her spot. Silkie boys though... they are all ego.

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