Silkie with Wry neck… HELP

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Aug 20, 2021
Hi all,

I was recently given a few silkies & silkie mixes a lady could no longer care for. While they are dirty, they appear healthy. I suspect one has wry neck though. She also is doing this thing where she stretches her neck and opens her beak, I tried to get a photo…She is full grown. What is the best course of treatment for her? She is extremely sweet and friendly and I want to do what I can to help her.

I don’t really know her history other than other hens picked on her and the lady had LOTS and LOTS chickens, silkies, turkeys ducks.. you name it.

I did give her 1cc of nutri drench and she is eating and drinking so far. Anything else I can do?



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Make sure she can see well.
Check to see that her crop is emptying overnight and that she has no lesions or canker inside the beak.
If the crop is not emptying, then use this article to determine the course of treatment.

Wry Neck is a neurological symptom. Depending on the cause, some have success with treating with vitamins. Give her 400IU Vitamin E and 1/4 tablet B-Complex once a day. A little egg as a treat will help with the uptake of E.

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