Silkies as mothers


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Jun 27, 2013
Does anyone here know what breeds a silkie will raise? I hear they are great mothers for baby chicks and will adopt other baby chicks of different bird species. We plan on raising a few ducks and chickens in the spring and were thinking of getting a silkie to watch over them when we were busy working on other things during the day. (I'll be around all day most days)
I have had silkies hatch and raise guinea fowl, ducks, and many breeds of chickens. I have used them to hatch ring neck pheasants but always removed and brooder raised the pheasants as they tend to 'run away' from chicken hens in my experience. Understand that a silky must be broody before you can foster anything under her.
Thank you! I can do that. I'll just get her first and wait til she gets broody to introduce the eggs/chicks.
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