Silkies for sale in central Kentucky.

I can't tell for sure what the chicks will be bearded or non untill they grow. But I got them from Ideal and there is supposed to be both in the mix.
I would sure be interested in any White bearded you may have..or are you just planning on getting rid of them regardless of what they are??. I'm not sure how long it takes to figure out if they are bearded or not since I am a first time Silkie Mom.
Thanks so much!!
You can tell now if they are bearded. See the first picture you posted. The yellow chick all the way in the front is bearded. Then the second picture that you posted, the chick sitting in the food dish is bearded. Then, the chick in the last picture is non-bearded. See? Just thought Id let you know. its really easy to tell.

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