Silkies with what appears to be Cataracts


Sep 8, 2019
Hey, I am new to owning chickens, but I have been passionate about chickens for a long time, as I truly love the bird deeply. I am really worried about my 2, 10 week old silkies hens.

When I first got them, one seemed to have a very dull cloudy spot in her left eye. As time went on I noticed that the spot got larger and more cloudy. I was not sure as to whether this was some kind of infection or a cataract caused by Marek's Disease "god I hope that's not the case".
I figured since it was only in one eye and it didn't seem to be accompanied by any other symptoms, it was superficial. Maybe just a pre existing eye injury that was healing..

Then today after looking at her eye, I decided to pick up my other silkie, and noticed the same thing. A cloudy white spot on her left eye. It was dull, but it looked exactly like the other silkies eye did. I am terrified that my sweet little fluffs are sick with something serious like Mareks. Please any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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There can be several different eye disorders in chickens. One comes from high ammonia levels in a coop which can burn the eyes causing ulceration. Pecking can cause injuries and infections. Cataracts can be common and may appear opaque or cloudy. Vitamin A or E deficiency may also cause problems in eyes. A disease early in life called avian encephalomyelitis or epeidemic tremors can also cause eye disorders. Mareks can cause a greying of the cornea and may also cause an irregular shaped cornea which causes the pupil to look irregular-shaped instead of round.
This almost looks like it’s it a scar on the outside. But they both have it on the same eye. I am starting to move away from the thought that it is Marek’s because their corneas look totally normal. I will give them a boost in Vitamin E and A to see if that helps. Thank you for your reply!

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