Silky Cochin Roo is Droopy with Watery Eye Closed Shut


10 Years
Oct 1, 2009
Please help with any ideas - for the last 4 or 5 days our adult silkie roo - PA - has been steadily getting more and more droopy(?) if that is a good way to describe it - at first we thought he was just missing MA while she was broody but when we put her back with Pa he didn't do his chicken dance or anything other than stick close to her side. She seems to be worried as well - she runs all the other chickens off if they even look toward PA and they are alot larger than her since they are standards and she is a bantam. We have not seen any bugs crawling but there is a good chance that it could be worms, mites or lice so we plan to use wazine in all the waterers starting in the morning - we looked for ivomectin for the chickens but the feed store said wazine was all they carried and it was the best you could get(?) we also plan to use the electrolyts and vitamins in the same waterers - is this okay? today we saw that PA's right eye is watery and closed. Opened the eye and it appeared that he could see out of it but was watery. Should we also add antibiotics to the waterers or is that a little over kill at this point - not sure about mixing medicines but really want to do whatever i have to to get PA well. I am new to te forums but have been visiting this site for a year now - i signed on yesterday - "Newbie from MS" if you need any other info and i will be happy to get any help - thanks in advance for all of your pateince and support
You can order ivomec EPRINEX online for worming (or perhpaps post for another BYC in your area to go in halvies with you?)
just google it.
Be sure to apply topically (not in the water).
An electroyte sold for use with chickens like Durvet (a common brand) already has vitamins in it. In addition to that you can mix some AviaCharge 2000 in with her feed (available online for purchase from McMurry) and I urge you to do so (this is a daily formulation , complete, and all in the correct ratios to each other) > I mix my supplement in with a bit of cooked human oatmeal and then mix that through their feed.
vitA deficiency is quite common and is associated with this symptom so I would also give three drops of Polyvisol enfamil (no extra iron) in beak once a day for a week then taper off the next to address that.
Just an update - i did worm Pa and all the other hens and roosters yesterday - saturday - it is now sunday and PA came out to eat with all the rest but still rather sluggish - i had to use the wazine-17 wormer in the water as i could not find any of the topical ivermectin. PA's eye is still closed shut - - it does not show any signs of damage or attack from other birds. should antibiotic be administers - neosporin - or in the drinking water? Someone told me it sounded like Pa had a cold but he shows no signs of coughing or weezing - it is raining alot here so we thought about putting pa (maybe ma with him) in a seperate pen in our shop so he might have a better chance to stay dry and warm and get well faster - how long do we have to waite before eating the eggs after administering the wormer - oh yes we are adding vitamins to all of the drinking water at this time - maybe not so necessary for the hens that are not showing any signs of sickness - anothe reason we are considering seperating PA so we can just medicate him and not the whole flock - would it be okay for MA to be medicated (with antibiotics) even tho she does not appear sick or will this get her immune to antibiotics - so do we need to keep her out of the "Quarantine" area as well or would it be more comfort for pa if she was there - should we just move PA and not medicate right away??? just to see if the vitamin water perks him up after being wormed??? i don't want to waite around and let him get toooo sick but i don't want to medicate if it is not needed - - - help!!!! okay did you see that there are several =- several questions here? sorry but i really don't know what needs to be done - what would be the best for pa overall. questions - questions - questions - any advice - ideas, support, suggestions, even questions, would be greatly appreciated
Well from what I've read there is no such thing as a chicken with a cold. I found a good site for info on diseases and things to be the poultry site. Hope this helps.
Final Update - Pa didn't make it thru the night - i still don't have a clue about what happened - maybe i started treatment too late - or maybe i over treated - or under treated - or treated for the wrong things - or maybe God Just wanted a beautiful roo with HIm -
- i am keeping a very close eye on the rest of the flock tho - thanks so much for all of your suggestions and support and input - i will probably be off of the forums for a little while - i have to try to deal with whatevr happened to pa - i will be back here in due time tho - maybe even sooner than i think but right now i guess i need to process this mess and try to determine what happened so it doesn't happen to any of the rest of my flock - thanks again, to all of you, for your support - you were a tremendous help

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