Silver ducklings from Buff Orpingtons


In the Brooder
Feb 20, 2022
Unfortunately, the last couple of ducklings from a failed clutch were found in the coop this morning. Projected hatch date was in a couple of days. Parents are Buff Orpingtons and they have no contact with other ducks.

What's really interesting is that both ducklings were pure silver. Last spring, I hatched out 75 in an incubator from the same group (original group was 12 hens, I only have a few of them now) and all of them came out yellow. I cracked open the ones that didn't pip and they were all yellow as well.

Anyone have any idea why these were silver? I know there used to be different varieties of the Orpington (blue/lavender) so I'm wondering if we got a recessive trait for silver plumage in that group. It's possible they would have changed color while they aged, but as I mentioned last year they were all yellow before and just after hatch. What do you think, funky trait or maybe a health issue?

I really hope these girls give it another go someday because it would be interesting to see what the babies look like.

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