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    Dec 11, 2014
    Mon probleme ? quelle formule choisir pour symboliser un SILVER PIED

    1) Arbor P/W/We/We
    2) Peas Garden et d'autres P/W/Wesp/Wesp
    3) Dani 12 P/W/We/Wesp !!!!!
    4) Jay Louden SP/W/We/We

    Par contre pour tous sauf pour Arbor un P/W/We/We = un Pied White Eyed
    Pour Arbor un Pied White Eyed = P/W/We
    Que pensez vous de ces commentaires
    Merci pour vos reponses !!!
    My problem? choose which formula to symbolize a SILVER FOOT

    1) Arbor P / W / We / We
    2) Garden Peas and other P / W / Wesp / Wesp
    3) Dani 12 P / W / We / Wesp !!!!!
    4) Jay Louden SP / W / We / We

    By cons for all except Arbor P / W / We / We = a Pied White Eyed
    Arbor for a Pied White Eyed = P / W / We
    What do you think of these comments
    Thank you for your answers !!!

  2. Jack,

    Welcome to the Forums! Your question is which of the four models above describes the Silver Pied genetics. The short answer is that I have yet to find anyone who can definitely say which model is correct based upon breeding. I do, however, have an opinion that I think is fairly well informed and based upon both our breeding and that of other respected breeders.

    First of all the model listed as P/W/We/We is easily disproved. Lots of us have Pied White Eye birds that are not silver pied. We also have Pied split White Eye birds that are not silver pied. That means that there is something different that exists that turns a Pied White Eye bird into Silver Pied.

    Let me address the SP/W/We/We model next. This model implies that the special Silver Pied mutation is attached to the Pied Gene. I do not believe this is correct for the following reasons:

    1. The original Silver Pied birds came from birds that were being bred for White Eye not Pied.
    2. Every Silver Pied bird is White Eye. Of course you could say the mutated pied gene needs both White Eye genes to work, but, in my opinion this tells you something.
    3. ..And the biggest issue is when you breed two silver pied birds together you get 50% silver pieds, 25% dark Silver Pied and 25% white silver pied. If the mutation were carried on the pied gene, the white birds would not carry any silver pied genetics. This has been proven to be incorrect. And we personally confirmed this year that whites out of silver pieds will produce silver pieds.

    So in my opinion this model is incorrect.

    The third model I will address is P/W/We/WeSP. I also believe that this exists but is incorrect. As I stated above we have Pied White Eye birds. They are double white eye birds as far as we can tell and from breeding. They have 100% white eyes. They are not silver pied. However, they were bred from a silver pied to non-silver pied. When we breed these birds together we get about 12-15% silver pied birds. That is about what you would expect if these birds were We/WeSP. That means we have P/W/We/WeSP birds and they are not silver pied.

    That's of course leaves P/W/WeSP/WeSP. That is what we believe accurately describes silver pied birds.

    Of course, I have been wrong before.
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    Mar 20, 2013
    I think it's ironic that so much attention is paid to Silver Pied birds. We have White peafowl, but they're "too easy". We have non-White peafowl in an assortment of colors, with or without Black Shoulder, but they're also "too easy". Let's aim for a mostly white bird with the faintest of random dusting of some other color. And nevermind that the birds are mostly white, and an IB Silver Pied looks almost the same as a Purple Silver Pied -- let's breed them in every possible body color, even if it takes four generations to do so from scratch.


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    Aug 20, 2011
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    Southeast texas
    Good to see you here [​IMG]
  6. It would be a boring world if we all agreed!

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    Sep 23, 2014
    I LOVE [​IMG] my silver pied birds... they are gorgeous. There are many beautiful birds, but I find these particularly attractive. It is not about easy or hard, it is about what we find visually pleasing as well as of course, healthy. Some people enjoy the fact that pied birds are more easily distinguished, one from the other, which assists the owner in forming a strong bond with the bird. It is confusing to some folks if all their birds look alike. And why not breed for different colors, if one enjoys that?

    What kinds of peas do you have?
  8. Jack07

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    Dec 11, 2014

    Tableau croisement SILVER PIED x PIED WHITE EYED
    crossing inadvisable ???
  9. Rosa moschata

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    Mar 20, 2013
    Oh, it's certainly a case of "to each his/her own". Personally, I prefer symmetry. No peas now, since I live in the suburbs, but someday.....


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