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    This simple feeder just took me a few minutes to make with scrap materials, and as you see, our chooks love it... especially with clover, but we've used it with dandelions and other plants.

    I took a scrap piece of stone and drilled two holes 1-1/2" diameter and about 1-1/2 to 2" deep. I then cut a couple plugs from broomstick. Those serve as stoppers, jammed in tight to hold the clover in place. You could probably make this with a block of wood instead of stone, but it needs enough weight that they won't tip it over. A brick or chunk of concrete would also work well. A log or tree stump might look very nice.

    They know the clover is coming, and they are getting antsy...


    Free-for-all. They'll wipe out this batch of clover in 10 minutes. Terooha is a gentleman, he takes a few bites but mostly he just makes sure the girls are doing ok.

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    Thanks for sharing, great idea.

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