Single chick about 6 weeks old, mom went broody, can I add babies?

AK Lex

In the Brooder
Feb 26, 2020
Only one baby made it, about 6 weeks old now, mom went broody again. I am thinking I want to add a few more babies to momma hen, but if I put babies with her and the older one will it work out?
Has the older one been integrated into the flock? Or is it separated from the flock just with the mom? If it's just the mom and the 6-week-old, that's not a good setup to add babies to, especially if they're all in a small space. The teenager is going to peck the crap out of the babies, and the mom will want to protect them and peck the crap out of her weaned teenager. The poor teenager will have nobody to socialize with and will get stressed. If the teenager has been integrated with the flock, then you can give the broody babies and things should work out. How long has she been broody this second time? Don't add babies until she's been sitting for about 3 weeks.

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