Skin missing from hens back after dog bite

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    Today I heard fear type noises from the hen area, ran out with my husband and my husband said a dog was inside...big, hungry, dog people left on the side of the road wanting to make dinner of my hens. I went in to cook and he called again to say that there were TWO dogs and he needed help. I coaxed the younger dog out then rounded up hens and ducks and put them into safer areas in the backyard. At least I HOPE it is safer inside the closed door I put them behind.

    Anyway...I found one hen with a patch about four by two or three inches in size without feathers or skin on the back of one hen with ants crawling around on the area. My husband caught her, we applied betadine and she walked back in with the other hens she lives with. My question is whether or not she will survive and what I should do for her. She must be in pain but...will keep an eye on her.

    One attack by other dogs had 12 ducks killed...another had a hen caught and killed...first attack saw two hens die. This is a bad area for chickens I sometimes think.

    Cathy in Fih, Lebanon
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    I lost 2 hens around Easter by my friends dog. Details aren't important now. A third survived but her back was badly ripped apart just as your's was. I put (poured ) hydrogen peroxide on the wound for three days. This helped to dry up the wound and stopped the raw flesh from being exposed . She laid down in one of the nest boxes for the next week. By the way she did get up to eat and drink and none of the other hens bothered her. She did not lay any egg for the next 2-3 weeks after the attach. Now she is healed and laying like a machine again. The ointment your husband but on was a very good idea. Got to kill any germs from getting into the wound you know.
    I hope this helps a little. Don't disturb her more then you need to for take care to her energy.

    God Bless and hope she recovers.
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    My husband reported that the hen is alive this morning and he did not see anything crawling on its back (like ants). She came and drank some water but did not eat food. We will keep an eye on her and hope for the best. I will see if dosing again with betadine later today is something to do or not.

    Thank you all for your knowledge and experience.

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    i would have tied the dogs up and call the pound and have them take the dogs. I hope your hen gets beeter real soon.
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