skin peeling, smelly yellowish pus like under wings

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by settingdusk, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Apr 30, 2013
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    Hi guys,
    I have two India blues about 3 months old running around with chickens. I recently went through a ivermectin treatment for all birds here and was doing the second dose tonight, 11 days after the initial dose. I also have them all on medicated feed and have treated 3 eye infections in my bantam cochins with tylan 200. I have also provided whole wheat kernels, cracked corn, and oat bran as scratch along with various leftover veggies. The peacocks have not been flying as much this past week and had no idea why but they are eating well. I went to dose them tonight and when I lifted the wing was met with farmy poop-like smell. One wing had what looked like yellowish pus under it near the shoulder. The skin has peeled off in many areas and fresh good looking white skin is there with the old yellowish nasty skin peeling nearby. Is this a fungus or something? Tomorrow we will treat with warm bathe, blow dry, and powder them with food grade DE then possibly retreat with ivermectin. Any ideas or is it fungus, maybe I killed worms?

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    Have no clue what it is but it sounds like it is healing itself. . . I would still do the bath too
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    Photos would help.
    I would not use DE on my birds because it is very bad for the lungs and peas preen themselves and can breath in the dust, just sayen.
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    Apr 30, 2013
    Hampton Roads, Virginia
    Thx for the help guys, I will take a picture tomorrow before we bathe and after I am done cleaning them up. I will hold off on the DE as I heard something similar before but was unsure.
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    We tried the "natural" way when we started and I found out the hard way that DE doesn't work. I use a poultry dust or 5% Sevin dust now, it works, lol.



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