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    Jun 19, 2009
    6 buff orps, 22 weeks of age, 2 next boxes, and three of them are night time roosting in them (one box is bigger than the other so two have squeezed in). Will they become territorial of the boxes and not let anyone else use them to lay? That is IF they ever start laying. Have the fake eggs, etc too. Neighbor did a 'gotcha' with an almost perfectly egg shaped rock painted brown so I left that in the box hoping they get the hint. Do their backsides become bare before they start to lay? Mine certainly haven't. This is my first year with layers, raise meat chickens each year with the neighbor, they seem to be easier to raise! Thanks for any tips! Northern WI's Nov weather is nicer that Oct. It was 50 yesterday, the chicks love to be outside (in a large run), I can't imagine them being cooped up during the cold!
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    How high is your roost? Big girls like Buff Orps like it at about 2 feet, and they need deep bedding for landing to avoid injuries...
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    If they are not laying yet, you might want to close the nest boxes for a few days to prevent them from using it for a bed. You really don't want to have poopy eggs! Make sure your roost is large BO are on a 2x4 with the 4" side flat...I might eventually replace w/2x6. Place the birds on the roost at night if you find them sleeping on the floor since you blocked off access to the nest boxes. Good luck!

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