sleepy chicks


10 Years
Aug 1, 2009
I hatched out 4 chicks this monday 2-22. two were sizzles and two cukoo marans. how much do new chicks sleep the first couple of days? they get up and eat and drink move around then lay back down like puppies its so funny! are they too hot, cold or just normal. they are not hudleing together acting cold or trying to get out of the heat so I dont think that is it. My chicks I had last feb I dont think slept this much maybe I didnt notice. just wondering what normal:rolleyes
I was wondering the same thing. My chicks I just got are 2-3 days old. Even though they are really active 10-15 minutes they plop back down and fall asleep for 20-40 minutes. And the cycle continues. I think it's normal. Mine aren't huddling or panting and avoiding the heat.
Mine are almost 2 weeks old now. They are like lil Robots! They run and flap and play WIDE open, Then in a sec they all stop! Laydown sleep for a minute or two then WIDE open again! It's so funny!!! They are getting to the point they will come to my hand and a few will step up into it! 1 will climb up and lay down in my hand! Should they be more tame by now? or am I doing ok? Do I need to handle, or hold them more? I tried giving yogurt. Bad idea! A few tried it. But mostly they just walked in it!

Thanks and God Bless!
A few of mine look like they have a sleep disorder! LOL
they will be in mid step and just kinda lean all the way to the floor. sleep with their leg streched out. then Sleep a while and Off again! They are so precious!!!!
Big stack I think you are doing great taming your chicks. I feel better about their sleeping now its normal. they are adorable they flop down like little puppies its so funny

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