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7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
3 Orpington hens. 1 is large beautiful large red comb the other 2 were always w/ paler combs but l noticed lately their combs are much paler, all have loose but after research still considered in normal range poop, slowed egg production 1 maybe 2 eggs every few days. All still seem to be alert & happy. I'm new to chickens & just feel something is just off. I've been putting ACV in water & dusted with DE even though I saw no sign of parasites . Am I being overly concerned.
A bright, red comb indicates a hen that is healthy and laying. A pale comb can indicate sickness, but also their combs get pale when they molt. How old are your girls? If they are over a year old, they are probably getting ready to molt.
Then they are molting. Their bodies need all their energy to regrow feathers and there isn't any more for them to make eggs too. After their feathers grow in, they have to get their body weight back up to a safe level before they can produce eggs again.

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