Small coop: where to put feed? Attracting nuisances i.e. raccoons.


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From what I've seen, manufacturers vastly inflate the numbers of birds possible for their coops. That said, the 4 square foot (a 2x2 foot space) per bird can also be taken as a general guideline as it really depends on the size of the birds, access to free range, size of run, etc., etc.


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Thanks, Mamatomany123, I actually did not know there were numbers associated with spacing requirements, I simply went by the recommendations of the coop manufacturer and the reviews. This along with the posts by others have me thinking I should get to work on my new coop setup sooner rather than later.. Again, thank you for your reply.
Companies often list the amount of birds as too many. A good rule of thumb I go by is by halfing the amount they list.

And thank you for not taking my comment as an insult. Has happened a few times before.


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....where to put feed?
In a bigger coop? :D
You already got that message, but I couldn't resist

about the coop being too small have me thinking that I should probably get to work building our new setup before the winter - I worry that once it gets cold out and the birds don't want to come outside as much, they may feel the space limitations more than they do now.
Think about a walk-in coop, with big roof overhangs and open soffits,
and the run being weather and predator proof, can make winter much more pleasant for birds and keepers.

This is my first post here on,
Welcome to BYC! @alknoll
Where in this world are you located?
Climate, and time of year, is almost always a factor.
Please add your general geographical location to your profile.
It's easy to do, and then it's always there!


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What are your plans for a new coop? Where are you from/what's the climate like?

Good to connect with you!
I'm in eastern PA and I'm a school teacher so I've either been teaching virtually from home or off for the summer since we got the chickens. I'm not super concerned about getting something new done fast since the weather is somewhat mild here until at least December but I am worried about how much time I'll be able to devote to this project once school starts so the more planning/prep I can do now, the better. I'm looking at something along the lines of The Chick Inn. This site has been SO helpful in researching different ideas and plans. I'm absolutely a novice when it comes to construction but have some very helpful friends willing to lend support. My priorities are bigger coop, predator proof, bigger run, able to stand inside, looks decent and will last a long time mostly in that order.


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You're at 1.61 sq ftt / bird... if the manufacturer's specs are even inside dimensions and accurate. If they have access to a full time run, and enough roost space for 6 you might be okay, but considering the go-to "standard" for space, you really are tight.

Not sure how the roosting bars are currently set up, but I'd do something like this... if they can get up there and down w/out injury.

Red above green, and both above boxes if possible. You also don't want your roosting bars any closer than 12-13" from a wall, and I'd want at least 15" or so form ceiling.

No two ways about it.. you're tight at 9.66 square feet.



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@katarobb Nice! I like that coop. I guess it is fairly mild here in Michigan too until December/January... so I suppose I've got time. I'm with you though, the more planning I can get done now, the better! Thanks for sharing!


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@Panhandler80 Thank you for the suggestion. I played around with the roosts a bit tonight, I think there is a better way to set them up. All in all, it sounds like my setup is sufficient for the near-future, but before it gets cold here in Michigan, I will have to come up with something else. Thanks!

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