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Mar 25, 2020
I have been a home builder for 40 years ,bought a few khaki females and male and next thing im incubating eggs and i have 20 khaki, 8 Peking and a mating pair of roman tufted geese. Now i am a part time veterinarian performing bumble ft procedure evert day. and wrapping ankles and treating my ducks like my children.I love and cherish everyday that i get to spend time with them,they are so much more pleasant than humans.If i could be of help I useDMSO for inflammation just rub a little on swollen joints several times a day use a cotton ball or q tip.the big tip is blue kote a germicidal fungicidal spray for everything also vetericyn spray for itching, and pain cuts sores.
Welcome!! I'm new here as well. Thanks for sharing your story, khaki's are great aren't they? We got some earlier this year and their temperament is great. Unfortunately we don't have them anymore due to.. circumstances. They for whatever reason stopped going in the pond and were mucking up the chicken and livestock water to where I had to clean and refill multiple times a day.. they had to go :( I'd like to try again with them sometime. We've had lots of ducks in the past, quite messy even with just a few! You must have a lot of land. I'd like to get a couple indian runners again someday. Also I just looked up those roman geese, real pretty birds, we've never had geese.
Anyways, forgive my rambling, welcome!!
Hello, and welcome to the BYC community.

If you're experiencing a lot of Bumblefoot, and leg problems in your flock it's possible their pen area is a little harder, on the compacted side. Ensuring their pen area is soft, and free of things they may get cut on like gravel will greatly help reduce the occurrence of leg problems. In addition, making sure they're getting to bathe in deep water daily and providing them with a diet rich in B vitamins, specifically niacin (B3), may be good too.

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