Small eggs?

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    Hi there, I recently, as in two days ago got some ready to lay bovan brown hens. A few have started laying already which was a bit of a surprise. From my research I heard they should be laying a larger size egg. But so far they've been pretty small. I presume there just young hens, but I half t make sure. I sell eggs, but never with this kind of hen, If they don't get to large size or over, I don't mind those size eggs, but that's not what my costumers want, and I can only eat so many eggs. I just wanted a second opinion. Thanks
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    Pullet eggs are always small, peewee even. They quickly get to good size and full size before few months. Each year of age the eggs ge even bigger.
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    The egg size will increase. Initial pullet eggs are generally on the small size.
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    Thanks a bunch. That's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure

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