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    When I was outside in the afternoon I noticed a very small egg near the water in the Mallard pen.

    This is the egg compared to a normal sized Mallard egg:
    A8BD15CB-4A6B-4DFD-A4A1-36CD757BFF4C.jpeg D0BF1E2A-9615-4F2B-B870-58F98AA36E2C.jpeg 6589B694-0C4E-41CB-88C3-FFBF79D3BFFA.jpeg A2943682-15B9-4DC0-B1FB-189B236A04E1.jpeg
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    103B4680-76DD-4125-8742-DC5A228A97F3.jpeg It looks like your birds first egg and the bumps on it indicate the mallard needs calcium here’s a pic of my Brahma hens first egg she’s my largest hen.
    Next to it is normal chicken egg
    My family tradition is whoever’s hen it is that person has to eat the first egg because it’s the best tasting egg the hen will ever lay
  3. chickens really

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    Looks like a fairy egg. How long have they been laying?
    Nothing to be concerned about.
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