Small New Family Business? Looks Pretty Promising!


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So I bought a couple Little Giant Incubators. Only nine eggs total incubating, and we own them. So, what to do with the rest?
Incubate other's eggs as a business.
I've found some people on Craigslist that need people to hatch/incubate eggs for them and they pay per hatched chick, and since I love incubating almost as much as I love the birds themselves... why not?!
I mean... there are people who don't want to buy/ don't want to tend to incubators and eggs, so that is where we will come in and help.
I probably babysit the incubators more than I need to, checking at least once every hour, so hopefully this will work out!

Anyone else think this is a good idea? I sure hope so!
While it may not be a good idea, we are right there with you. I have some cochins in the bator now and already have a buyer for 4, of course I will probably charge her 25 cents a piece since she is a friend.
See the downfall????

Honestly, you probably won't make much, but know you have someone to talk to, because we are really doing the same thing.
I think its a great idea! I am incubator-challenged, in that I would like to make an incubator but after reading many threads on how to do it, including Miss Prissy's, I still feel at a loss to even start. I would love to have someone incubate for me. Or better still, I'd like to find someone who would make me an incubator (if I provided all the needed materials).
I was once told that a Business is nothing more than finding a need and filling it. sounds like what you have done. If you really stick with tending the incubator as you have been you might want to locate them near where you are most of the time. Might make you a very top rated Hatcher and that is always good for business. There is no advertisement that is better than a satisfied customer. With all the effort of Incubating I would not be shy about charging either. it is all part of business. If you charge per hatched egg you will want the best Incubator you can get though.
The feedstore down the road here has a sign for a lady who does that. She charges per hatched chick, and also does stuff like quail, ducks, geese, that the feed store doesn't order chicks for.
We found a man who wants us to incubate three dozen chicken eggs for him! My whole family thinks this is a cool and fun idea. We didn't expect anyone to show interest for the first few days, let alone the first 10 minutes the ad was up on the net!
Do you know how much electricity your bator uses during a three week course, and how much that will cost?
Knowing this will deterimine how much you charge, and even if you will continue.

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