Sneezing chicken


Feb 23, 2019
High Desert, California
I have four free range chickens. My oldest girl (a year old). Started sneezing randomly a few times and she looks like she is molting. So we isolated her in a spare pen we had. I live in the Mojave desert and most of my yard is dirt and dried weeds.

Is this a simple case of nasal irritation?
Is it too early to tell what the source of the issue is?
What is wrong with my mama hen?!
For now I would think it might be irritation to dust in the area or from feed when she is eating. Pollen from blooming flowers could be a problem as well. If the same chicken sneezes every 5-10 minutes for a few days, she probably has a respiratory dosease. Infectious bronchitis is a common one. Then you would probably see some clear nasal drainage which dirt on the nostril. Look for bubbles in an eye, watery eyes, any facial swelling, crackles when breathing, which are other signs of MG (mycoplasma gallisepticum.) Make sure that the ventilation in the coop is good. I don’t know if mold is a problem , since you live in such an arrid environment. Here is a good link that includes most of the respiratory diseases and symptoms:

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