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    2DE6FDE2-2A1B-4730-8595-2EDE56D0E00C.jpeg E454CCA7-49FA-4DBD-AFA8-EAC175F52161.jpeg 8BB3D21B-1284-4E84-A2FF-781FB38E7BA8.jpeg My flock of (5 weeks old) 15 chicks and 3 ducks, plus 3 littler 3 week old chicks...I noticed a couple of the older ones sneezing today, got a little more concerned when I felt a wetness spray on me with one sneeze.
    They’ve been out in their heated coop with access to their not-heated run for about a week now, seemingly acclimating well. I live in the Pacific Northwest,warming up now with still cool/cold nights, but they’re in the warmth of the coop at night.
    They’re all eating non-medicated starter crumble because, ducks.
    When should I worry?
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    Oh man... So ours started sneezing when they made it to the coop, we read about it, and to give a poor response, it's okay for them to sneeze. There's a point where it is bad, i don't remember if it was a bloody nose or what.. But sneezing in general is okay. Our issue was the triple distilled shavings and being in the garage was quite a dusty place. I would say look around your coop and try to get the air quality a little cleaner and see if that helps, and hopefully some more knowledgable people chime in with some better ideas!

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