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    Aug 23, 2011
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    I was at my first ever poultry show browsing the "sale" area. My daughter found a very beautiful Porcelain D'Ulccer pullet she fell in love with. We were looking through the sellers birds looking for a quality pen mate for her but all of the birds has orangeish crusty nostrils. Some were making a gaging motion and so I wonder...are these birds sick and why on earth would anyone sell birds in such condition.

    We bought the healthy looking one and she is in quarantine in the garage where I will keep her for the next month. Should I dose her with something just to be on the safe side? We've never had a sick bird
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    I am a firm believer in not medicating unless you know for sure the bird/animal is ill, however a round of tetracycline in the water for a few days would not harm the bird and would likely give you piece of mind. A natural wormer like a small piece of pumpkin would also be on my list of things and then adding ACV to the water after the antibiotics.

    Also giving the bird a mixture of DE and sand to dust bathe qill take care of any mites the bird might have if any at all.

    the best thing you did though was quaranteen, now you might be tempted but keep it quaranteened for three weeks no matter what!!!

    I have seen people sell all kinds of birds, some people just don't really value a chicken, and thus will not provide the medical help the require when ill. Me, these are birds providing food for my family, so their health and comfort is number one on my list. If I must medicate, we don't consume the eggs for 3 weeks.

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