So excited! Lockdown :)


Apr 17, 2015
I just put my lone surviving Midget White egg in lockdown. Out of 8 shipped eggs this is the only one that developed. It was still moving like crazy tonight when I candled at lockdown. It is in with my only 4 surviving Dorking eggs and some of my chickens eggs, Wish me luck. I so want this 80.00 egg (after paying for eggs and shipping that's about how much this little booger will have cost
) to hatch...I have wanted Midgets for a long time and the last 25 days with this LG incubator has been so stressful!
Well, I literally cried this morning!!!! It pipped about 9 am yesterday (day 28)... It made decent progress all day. I even checked it at 2 am this morning and it was starting to zip. I was sure I would wake up to my midget! NOPE! DEAD! It was not shrink wrapped, It was about 1/2 way zipped and the membranes were moist. It did poo in it's shell?? . 3 of the chiken eggs had hatched since 2 am and 2 were zipped. However, my DANG LG 9300 had adjusted it's own temp. It was 98.5 on the bottom and about 101.5 at the top of the eggs.( I had been keeping it about 97 on the bottom and about 100 at the top of the eggs when lockdown started and I had raised the humidity) The room temp didnt change! But, the dang plastic piece the thermostat is on gets moved around by hatching chicks and then who knows where the temp will go! I am just sick about this. I really want to just smash this incubator. It was so much work the last 29 days and then I am right there and?!!! I noticed the zipping chicks were breathing faster than normal. So, I opened the incubator and then lowered the temp. That is the only thing I can think of, unless it was just a weak poult? Humidity was at 75%. Plenty of ventalation...Any other thoughts? I still feel like crying. 8 shipped eggs, this one was the only one that developed at all. I was so looking forward to this little guy or gal :(

I did end up with 3 adorable ring neck pheasants (2 girls and a male :), out of 8 shipped eggs. My 3rd shipped Dorking is hatching now (Out of 18 shipped eggs, only 4 made it to lockdown, they were horribly damaged during shipping) The good news is that I found someone local with Midgets ...and I will try this again. But, I am getting a new incubator! I swore I wouldn't do shipped eggs again, and I won't for the turkeys. I am driving 3 hrs on Sunday to get a dozen Heritage (mixed flock) eggs and I will be investing in another incubator this weekend. Any input on them would be greatly appreciated.
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Sorry for the loss of your only poult.

But that happens. A poult pipped and was zipping for like 9 hours. He hatched took one breath stretched out and passed away.

I think he took so long to get out he died of exhaustion.

As far as incubators I have a 1588 genesis that has done well for me 1 hatch only tho.

My brinsea octagon 20 advance has given me the best results.

If I decide to keep flock where its at size wise and am gonna keep hatching I'm goin to try and get a dickey or sportsman by next year.

Hope your next batch of eggs is a success.

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