So I quit smoking today......(HELP!!!!)

can you hear me now?

11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Southwest Missouri
I quit smoking along with my wife today. She has already had a cigarette but I plan to stick with it and not smoke. I have been smoking since I was approximately 10 years old and will be 35 this month. Does anyone have suggestions to help me keep from smoking, I am already missing the things I do with my hands and want to stop. Any tips or help would be so greatly appreciated. Heck even a word of encouragement helps. I know I am doing the right thing but it sure don't feel like I am.
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I don't really have any advice..My dad quit smoking seven years ago and it was really hard for him too. Good luck and try to stick with it!! :)
Thanks I appreciate that. I think my biggest fear is all of the people I see that say they didn't gain all their weight till they quit smoking. My father in law is one of those guys and was a big man. 20+ years later he is finally losing that weight. I am not a small man already, I sure don't need to get any bigger.
Do something small that changes your situation every time you would normally smoke, or want to smoke.

Reward yourself in a small way for a few hours without a cigarette today, then lengthen the time for a few minutes each day.

Hopefully, you are able to stop completely, but if you mess up, don't look at is an an all or nothing thing, look at it as practice quitting until you get really good at it.
Good luck!
Exercise. Go for a walk, then turn it into running.

I traded smoking for running. I started slowly and was running 36 miles a week! I was addicted to exercise and I loved it!

I broke my neck and it all ended. I'm disabled and spend 24/7 in severe pain. Anyways, once you get past the two weeks, it gets much better! I smoked a pack a day for 13 years, I quit 12-13 years ago. I never went back!

Good luck, it wasn't easy, it can be done. Now I need to quit diet Mountain
I quit smoking cold turkey after about 10 years of smoking. Haven't had a single one since. It took a couple weeks, but eventually I just stopped thinking about wanting to smoke. You'd be surprised, one day you'll realize "wow, I haven't thought about smoking in a while", it only gets easier from then on out. Also after the nicotine was out of my system I also stopped wondering what to do with my hands. My advice would be to drink lots of water. I would carry around a bottle and if I felt like smoking I would drink the water. it also helps immensely if while you still have the craving to smoke you avoid being around people when they light up, or at least that made it a lot easier on me, no temptations, and no one to bum one from since I had none of my own. I wish you and your wife nothing but success. I think the only thing stopping people from quitting is themselves, if you really make up your mind to quit you can do it.

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