So i went into TSC with my three kids and came out with...


13 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Annetta Kentucky
three kids, chick food, a waterer, a round feeder and the most important part a cardboard box containing five bantam chicks.

How come a woman cant pass up fluffy cuteness???
I am unsure of sex and breed. Two have little puffy cheeks and feathered feet and are stripe-ish, two are just stripe-ish and one is darker than the rest clean footed and has a rather red beek. I'll post pics asap. Lord have mercy i've been bitten by the chicken-bug.
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i went into TS with just me and DH came home with 20 babies all kinds and some are bantys and some arent !!

its fun to have baies in the house again
have fun with your little ones I am sure they kids love having them there

Hi Connie,

You have to fix your sig since you're now officially an owner! I've been eyeing TSC posts because I came home with 4 bantams that I'm trying to identify as well, and I thought it would be helpful to know what breeds TSC typically gets in, since the employees there seem pretty clueless. Anyway, based on number of toes, feathering & coloring & some research at, I'm predicting that I have 3 Cochins - 1 bantam, 1 possibly black, and the third I'm unsure of, but a patterned variety because it has som yellowish coloring in addition to silver/black & white...hmmm. I also have a little guy/gal with a stripe & no foot feathering. I'm guessing she may be a bantam Ameraucana. Mine are all bantams too. Don't you love TSC's carrying cases? I have to say that at my first visit to TSC I had to explain to 3 separate employees what hardare cloth was and, after a much longer than necessary visit, left feeling somewhat annoyed. This time, in contrast, was a chickn lover's delight - all necessary supplies, including hardware cloth, were all located in one section. I also noticed last night that their pices on Purina Layena were very reasonable.

Sorry about making this into a TSC discussion and losing the WARM CONGRATS on your new chicks focus. Lots of fun in store for you & your 3 little tikes!

LMAO All I can envision is that episode of King of the Hill where he tries to buy a hammer at the hardware store. The episode where they thought Hank was abusing Bobby.
Seriously though, you would think that people would need a certain amount of knowledge or training to work in a rather specialized kind of store.
Dont love the emplyees that some stores have??
After i left TS i thought "oh shoot, my hubby dont even know" he already complained that the 18 eggs that are fertile are too many.(and he dont know that 12 more ameraucana/EE's eggs are coming) so i ran to Wallyworld real quick got a slab of babybacks, Bush's grillin beans, stuff to make strawberry shortcake. I have some sucking up / butterin' up(whats the word im looking for?)to do.
But hey i have 140 sqf in the backyard for them and we have a empty lot thats 40x150.
I remember that King of the hill episode. Its painfully close to real life. I had a run in with CPS for a injury(scratch ) on my sons back that we dont even know where it happened.
well you know its dangerious to go in TSC during chick days.because youll come out with a few chickies.
Congrats on the new chicks!! Our TSC is getting their first chicks in on the 15th, so i'm sure i'll be there! We've already gotten several from our Farm and Home store!! They are too cute to pass up and I have no self control! It's beautiful in Michigan today and our chicks went outside for the first time today. What fun!!

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