So long BYC!

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  1. theOEGBman

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    Jan 13, 2007
    Central California
    I'll catch you all at the new house! [​IMG]

    Im FINALLY getting out of the city! My parents found a house with a pasture for the goats, room for my coop and even a nice pond! We're moving a lot today and should be in it tomorrow. Im draining my aquarium as we speak. [​IMG] Im just real excited about this, and many of you guys know what kind of garbage I've gone through in order to keep my animals, haha. So yeah, Im outta here! Talk to you guys later!
  2. Buster

    Buster Back to Work

    Congrats! Moving into a better place is always exciting!
  3. purr

    purr Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 30, 2008
    east freetown, ma
    oh that's good news tell us when you get there and we want lots and lots of pics
  4. andehens

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Scenic Sierra Nevadas

    how great is that!!!!!!!!!
  5. Momma_Cluck

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    Jun 11, 2008
    N. West Michigan
    You will be SO much happier with more space and away from the "hubbub".....

    HEY!! You can get MORE CHICKENS NOW!! [​IMG]
  6. Nifty-Chicken

    Nifty-Chicken Administrator Staff Member

    You know the mods are gonna read this with their finger on the "REMOVE" button! [​IMG]

    Best of luck with the move!
  7. showme31

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Moscow Mills MO
    Oh Jordan, I'm soooooo happy for you. I know how long you've wanted to have all the space for your critters right where you live. Can't wait to hear about you getting settled in and pics of all the critters in their new homes.

  8. The Chicken Lady

    The Chicken Lady Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 21, 2008
    West Michigan
    Hooray for you! [​IMG] Good luck with the move! [​IMG]
  9. the1much

    the1much Currently Birdless Hippy

    man im glad i dont have a truck and live near you ,, hahahaha,,,, have a great move [​IMG]
  10. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude Premium Member

    Hey, Jordan, we expect to see you back in a few days with lots of pics of the new place! Congrats!

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