So my yogurt maker came two days ago...


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Apr 27, 2007
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and today the Yogourmet starter, yogurt cheese maker & The Book of Yogurt came!

I made my first batch yesterday using Stoneyfield plain yogurt for the starter and organic soymilk. It was kinda thin but tasty and edible. I strained it overnight and had some nice yogurt cheese this morning along with homemade granola (also made for the first time!) and local honey. It was delicious. My whole family has eaten this first quart batch already.

This morning I decided to make another batch using 3C whole milk and 1C half and half for a more dessert type yogurt. It's been cooking for almost 8 hours now and I tested it a little while ago and YUM! I'm going to leave it in for 10-12 hours to see how thick it gets. Can't wait to have a bowl later on tonight and more yogurt cheese tomorrow.

I bought the yogourmet starter because in a review I read on line one woman wrote that her husband used to travel all over Europe and this starter was the closest they could find that gave the most similiar taste and texture to the European yogurt. As a child I lived in Germany and still crave the strawberry yogurt of my childhood. I'm hoping making a batch with whole milk and adding strawberry jam will give it back to me

Does anyone have any "tried and true" yogurt recipes they'd like to share?

Does anyone know of any yogurt forums out there?

(just so darn excited to finally have a yogurt maker
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I have not yet tried it --- on my list of things to do soon--- put 1 spoon of your favorite jelly in the bottom of each individual jar to get easily flavored yogurt. Be sure to leave 1 jar without jelly so you have a starter for next time. I honestly was always doing my yogurt in the crockpot. I haven't played with my actual yogurt maker because we moved, but we are 90% unpacked. Will be doing flavored yogurt as soon as I find a space on my counter for the yogurt maker!

I have always only started my yogurt with store bought yogurt. However the yogurt I have made has created great smoothies & I used it in place of sour cream in many recipes. No one will eat plain yogurt here, they won't even consider it!
I've been making my own yogurt for about a year and a half. I have had some trouble with watery pockets in the jars. It always tastes way better than the store bought though. I think the maker is getting it too hot. I tested the jar at 130 degrees. It is really good with honey or pineapple topping.
do you just turn the crock pot on low for 10 hours? Do you put the jars in the crock pot or just pour it all in?
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The link provided is the recipe I use, but I have learned to check the temp with a meat thermometer to make sure it is between 108-112 degrees before I add my culture. I decided to make yogurt on a very warm day once, I do not have a/c in my house so the crock didn't cool as quickly and my milk must have been too hot when I added my culture. Killed it dead. I had complete liquid by the morning. One extra easy step gets my yogurt to come out perfect every time.

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