soft bloody looking egg???


8 Years
Sep 21, 2011
I have 2 RIR hens that are about 13 or so weeks old. Today in the bottom of their coop was a small soft thing that looked like an egg. It also looked like there was a small amount of blood on it. Is this normal?
Yep! New layers can put out some mighty strange things. Now 13 weeks is pretty early, even for the early birds, so keep a sharp eye out for any other such aberrations that may indicate a problem, but otherwise you can expect to see some oddities for awhile.
Thanks!! And I may have the age wrong as well. How long will it take for a normal egg?
Any time now, actually. They don't usually lay repeated oddities (at least not for long), but you may periodically get them for the first several months. Just make sure they are being fed a quality layer feed or a good flock raiser with oyster shell offered.

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