soft shell no shell ???


7 Years
May 7, 2012
1 of my gals is laying a soft shell or nomshell egg.. They are about 18 months old they frr range all day go in coop at night I feed them layer crumbles they have lots of water access to grit and oyster shell at all times. This has been going on for weeks now I don'tknow what is going on, everyone seems to be eaging/drinking normally but I have noticed some run y poo around
Can someone anyone please give me some pointers I don't want all my birds to end up sick or something :/
Thank you thats very informative but im still lost they have good nutrition as I said they free range have layer crumbles grit Oyster shell pleanty of water I give them veggies oatmeal yogurt corn meal worms black sunflower seeds as treats. We clean the coop regularly I put de down everywhere every single time we clean. As for stress I added 3 more to the flock back in March im not sure if this could be the problem or even how to narrow down who it is.. theres 2 nesting boxes there were 3 but everyone insists on using the same one. Im just dumb founded
Have you treated the flock for worms and external parasites such as mites and lice with a chemical product at any stage? DE is good for certain things, but it's effectiveness in parasite control is limited.

What is the weather like by you? Any big changes in weather patterns recently?

Feed wise, have you always fed them what you listed above and in the same ratios? Maybe cut back a bit on the cornmeal and the oatmeal so they'll eat more of the more nutritious layer feed. See if that helps?

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